Good Problems to Have as a Seller

It isn’t always difficult to know what to manufacture. The markets and industry segments tell the sellers what they want.

Sometimes there is competition among a seller’s products for manufacturing time, just as there is competition in the market place.

When it is difficult for a seller to know which product to make, it is a good problem. But this problem is a function of time and the availability of resources.

What questions do you have?

Focus on Core Business Challenges

In the past, data was stored on some sort of media device such as hard drives, disk drives, thumb drives or servers. Later, businesses found that the expense (resources, time, etc) had become too great since they were not specializing or knowledgeable in this particular technology. It turns out that it would be less expensive for the company, to pay a monthly fee to have a business focused on data storage take care of this challenge, i.e., outsourcing this work.

Now the issue becomes one of finding the right partner to help them with the challenge instead of spending time and money trying to manage it internally day-in and day-out.

This can also apply to other tactical issues as well. The company may need to focus on sales and general tasks and seek help in solving operational problems where they lack the knowledge or expertise.

What help do you need so that you can remain focused on your end customers?

Understand the Issue to Find a Solution

Data and business information is growing at a phenomenal rate. Estimates show that more data has been created in the last two years than in the entire history of the human race.

When you have questions about some aspect of your business operations it is important to be able to identify the challenge and take the action necessary to resolve the issue, all in a timely manner.

Otherwise, you literally lose that time that could be spent finding new customers or taking care of your current customers.

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