Enterprise Technology and Expertise

In the past, as in the present, America has constantly undergone technological evolutions. For example, the industrial revolutions can be loosely defined as follows.

In the First Industrial Revolution, it was the growth of industries and factory organization.

The Second Industrial Revolution was the ‘rapid industrialization’ in the 19th century

The Third Industrial Revolution was the ‘Digital Age’

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the integration of the physical, digital and biological worlds.

It is easy to see that the need for more data, faster, as well as control of this data has increased greatly each time there has been a change or progress.

Therefore, it is important for executives and entrepreneurs alike to know where they stand, technologically, when managing their organizations. This also goes for knowing what their competition is doing technologically.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services

And for companies involved in manufacturing, it becomes routine to get as much done as possible while reducing the effort (and cost) to do so.

There are fundamental questions that can help companies with this ‘self-analysis,’ e.g., “is your company in a position to receive and transmit large segments of data,” or “can your teams manage this data in ways that helps them make decisions better and much faster?

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